Saturday, June 23, 2012

Young Boy- Art Linn: Lost Photo #18

Art Linn

Subject: Young Boy
Attributes: Cabinet Card, Young boy
Location: North Dakota
*Photo Studio: D.F. Barry, Photographer
Identification: Art Linn written on the back of photo
Where Found: Lemon Grove Antique Store
Est. Year:  1920s-30's

*D.F. Barry (1854-1934) was the photographer for this photo.  He had a studio in Bismark, North Dakota.  He is well known for his photography of Sitting Bull.  He traveled taking pictures of Native American tribes such as the Lakota's, Cheyenne, Arikara,  and Apsolooke.


  1. There are many clues in this photo to help date the picture closer to the 1880s-1890's. Cabinet cards were of this style (white, square) in the 1880s-1890's. The boy's hairstyle is short and back from his face instead of slicked and oiled as in earlier times (or later into the 20's and 30's). His jacket is tailored to fit his shoulders closely and it is buttoned up closely to his collarbone -- in earlier times sack coats were much looser and off the shoulders and in later times the jackets became very sharp at the shoulders and unbuttoned enough to show vests. Art's tie is checked -- stripes and checks came into vogue during the late 1880's and lasted on into the early 1900's.

    Taken all together, this image may be Arthur E. Linn, who was born c1876 in the Dakota Territory. His parents were Arthur E. Linn Sr. and Etta Brown. The elder Linn was from Scotland and Etta, daughter of Edward Marcus Brown and Jerusha Benton Hayward, hailed from Vermont. The family is found on the 1880 census in Bismarck in Burleigh Co., ND. This would date the picture to approximately 1886-1888 or so since the young Art appears to be about 10-12 years old. Since D.F. Barry's photos of Sitting Bull are c1890s this would appear to be a contemporary picture.

    Hope I've helped!

    1. Thank You Patti!! I had done a little research and found that in some of the other photos I have purchased were from this area and their were some individuals with the Brown Surname also. Thank you again...You have helped tremendously.