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This Blog is a collection of photos that I have come across and purchased or were given to me.  I hate to see lost photos or family items that should be in the homes of the descendants.  This is my way of bringing them to the online world instead away in darkness.  

There is no specific type of photos that I collect.  I mainly come across photos of the European race, as I have discovered that it is more difficult to find African American and Native American Photos in shops.  These photos tend to be priced on the high end because of their perceived "rarity".

It is my hope that these photos will be identified and their rightful owners will step up and claim their lost treasures.  There will be times that I will just post the photos without doing any research, as my goal is to post them and then do the research when I have time.  I will do regular updates as photos begin to find their way home and their identities become clear.

I hope to get many comments and help in learning more about each photo I post.

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