Saturday, June 23, 2012

Older Woman: Lost Photo #20

Subject: Older Woman
Attributes: Head to shoulder profile, dress with puffed shoulders, flower pinned to right side, lace around hat piece.
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, S.E. Cor. 12th & Walnut
Photographer: C.G. Anderson
Identification: Unknown
Where Found: Lemon Grove Antique Store
Year: 1900 [Written on back]

Unidentified Young Lady: Lost Photo #19

Subject: Young Lady
Attributes: Hair pinned up and Curly bangs, buttoned up dress with a pin at collar.
Location: Santa Ana, California
*Photo Studio: Conaway & Hummel
Identification: None/Unmarked
Where Found: Lemon Grove Antique Store
Est. year: 1888-1890

I looked online for information on the Conaway & Hummel Studio. Benjamin Franklin Conaway (1848-1935) sold 1/2 interest to PJ. Hummel in 1887.  They were partners for only 2 years. Here is a link to the Online Archive of California if you are interested in reading more about the history of the Studio and its predecessors.

Young Boy- Art Linn: Lost Photo #18

Art Linn

Subject: Young Boy
Attributes: Cabinet Card, Young boy
Location: North Dakota
*Photo Studio: D.F. Barry, Photographer
Identification: Art Linn written on the back of photo
Where Found: Lemon Grove Antique Store
Est. Year:  1920s-30's

*D.F. Barry (1854-1934) was the photographer for this photo.  He had a studio in Bismark, North Dakota.  He is well known for his photography of Sitting Bull.  He traveled taking pictures of Native American tribes such as the Lakota's, Cheyenne, Arikara,  and Apsolooke.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Young Girl: Lost Photo #17

Subject: Young Girl
Attributes: Cabinet Card
Location: Sistersville, W.VA., Moundsville, W.VA, Martins Ferry, Ohio or Bellaire, Ohio
Studio: Brinkmeier
Identification: None
Where Found: Lemon Grove Antique Thrift Store
Est. Year: Early 1900's

Theodore Brinkmeier was the original photographer of Brinkmeier Studio. His first studio opened in 1896 and the final one closed in 1930's.  There is some historical information on the studio, which I shall update at a later date.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Young Woman of San Bernadino, Cal: Lost Photo #16

Subject: Young Woman
Attributes:Big smile, showing teeth, High collared dress/blouse
Location: San Bernadino, Cal
Photo Studio: Schaffner
Identification: none
Where Found: La Mesa Antique Store
Est. Year: 1900's

Front Cover of Photo

Young Man: Lost Photo #15

Subject: Young Man
Special Attributes: Dressed In Suit, Hair parted on the left side
Location: *Possibly San Bernadino, Cal.  
Photo Studio: Unknown
Identification: None
Where Found: La Mesa Antique Store
Est. Year: 1910's
*Another photo with the same cover had the imprint on the photo of San Bernadino, Cal.

Front of Photo Cover
"A Portrait"

Young Girl:Confirmation: Lost Photo #14

Subject: Young girl Confirmation 
Special Attributes: She is holding her Bible, a Rosary [which may signify that she is catholic], No noticeable rings, Flowers around veil.
Location: Aurora, Illinois
Photo Studio: Jensen
Identification: None
Where Found: La Mesa Antique Store
est Year: Late 1890's - 1920's.

Update:  I thought this could have been a wedding photo also...A Big thank you to Susan Clark for pointing out that the candle in the photo strongly suggested that this was her confirmation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Portrait with Baby, Lost Photo #13

This photo was recovered from a Lemon Grove Antique store.  It looks like it is a four generational photo.  There were no studio stamps, location or personal identification on this cabinet style photo.  

Family Portrait: Lost Photo #12

Here is a photo found in a La Mesa, CA Antique Mall.  There is no identification on the cabinet photo or on the back. The words "Father & Mother" are written in cursive on the back of the photo.

Possibly a late 1890 to early 1900 photo.

Man & Woman in Sonora, CA: Lost Photo #11

I found this photo of a man and woman in a Lemon Grove, CA Antique Thrift Store.  I am unsure of the relationship of the couple.  She is wearing a wedding ring and he is not.  Notice the flower in his lapel.  I had the first impression that this was a couple newly married, but I am unsure as her dress is not very formal.  It is possible however that this is her wedding dress.

The names of the people are not listed on the back, however "Sonora, CA, 1889" is written.

On the boarder of the cabinet photo  the inscription, "Harrington, Sonora, Cal. is stamped"  There is no immediate information online as to the Harrington Photography Studio in Sonora, Cal.  Maybe some online databases or indexes will have some information.

This Blogs Purpose and Goal!!!

I was talking to one of my online friends GJohnson, and discussing my photo blog with her.  I was a little concerned that I had all these photo's and I was posting them with minimal research being done first. 

The goal of this blog is to find photo's and post them even if I haven't taken the time to obtain more information.  The purpose is to get them to the public so that others may discover their ancestors.  I will always go back and do the research, but if I take my time to research every single one before posting, then I will have a bag or two full of photos that might not ever get scanned and put online.

I will always state whatever identification is listed on the front, the back or on the cover of the photo and any markings stating thereof.  I will also go back and do research on each of the photos but I am also hoping that those that may have clues of the photos, will leave comments.  Comments, recommendations, and insight are always welcomed.

I won't worry about posting 5 photos a day as long as my purpose is met.  So with that said, check out my blog daily as there will be some new posts coming soon..

Monday, June 11, 2012

Young Woman and Man Portrait: Lost Photo # 10

Here is another photo I found in a La Mesa Antique Shop.  I wonder if the couple are siblings or maybe even married.  The body language tells me that they are more likely siblings.

What I find common in many old photo's is the subjects rarely smile.  I  love the young woman's hairstyle and her style of clothing.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Harriet Nelson: Lost Photo #9

This photo was found in La Mesa Antique Thrift Store.  It is of a young girl about 18-22. Around the edges and on the back, there are signs that it was formally glued in a scrapbook.

There is writing on the front, "With Love- Harriet Nelson"  There is no way of telling where this photo was taken.

With Love - Harriet Nelson
I love the flower and the touch of pearls.  Her hairstyle reminds me of the 1920-1930's.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unidentified Young Girl: Lost Photo #8

Here is another photo found in La Mesa, California in a thrift store.  The young girl looks about 17 and probably taken in the 1950's.

There was no identification written on the back and no studio stamp.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Daisy H Harrison-1906: Lost Photo #7

This photo was found in an Antique Store in San Diego, California.  The Photo is mounted and enclosed in a cover.  The photographers signature is printed at the bottom "Thompson, Waco."

On the back cover the writing says "My Grandmother Daisy H. Harrison."  On the Front cover it says "Lill Harrison-Mother taken about 1906"

Not sure if Lill is her nickname, and more investigation will be done and updated.  

If you know this lady, please make comments or if you have anything to add.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bride and Groom w/ Wedding Party: Lost Photo #6

This Photo of the Bride & Groom was taken possibly between 1940 & 1950.  There was no identification of who the people were but on the front cover of the photographer was Jacobs, Inglewood.

This photo was found in the La Mesa Antique Mall.  If you have any information regarding this photo please comment.  We would like to reunite this to the family.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Man & Woman posed with Dog on Couch: Lost Photo #5

This photo was found in a La Mesa Antique Store. I liked the way the couple were posed with the little lap dog. I also found the man's shoes intriguing. There were no markings on the back of the photo. The Identity of the subjects is unknown...Maybe someone will know what year the photo was taken by the shoes and the furniture.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Party: Bride & Groom and Children: Lost Photo #4

I happened to go back to the Antique Store in Lemon Grove and came across this photo that was of the same couple I posted the day before.  There was no identification of the individuals in the photo and on the back it is clear that it had been previously in a scrapbook.
I wonder if these were the couple’s children.  The flowers are beautiful.  This photo may be dated between 1905-1920.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you know these individuals.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bride and Groom-Unidentified Lost Photo #3

This is a wedding photo of the bride and groom.  I am not sure what year this photo was taken, but I would date it to the late 1890's early 1900's.  This photo was found in a Lemon Grove, California in an antique store.  There were no names on the photo or studio markings.  The location is unknown.

Bride and Groom Unidentified

Please do not hesitate to give comments regarding this photograph...If you can contribute, or if you know the individuals in the photo's please leave a message.  Thank you!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flower Girl: Lost Photo #2


This Photo was found in an Antique Store in Lemon Grove, California.  The child appears to be five or six years old.  Her name "Pearl" was written on the back of the Post Card styled photograph.  She looks as if she was a flower girl for a wedding. [My assumption as the picture was found with other wedding pictures].  Not sure of the era but am guessing at 1920's-1940's. There is no location identification.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mourning Elderly Lady: Lost Photo #1

Elderly Lady, possibly in 1890's mourning dress.
Approximately 60 to 70 years old

Unmarked photo
She has a solemn sad look to her. 
I wonder what she is holding in her hand.

Same elderly lady with hands uncrossed

I recently went into an antique store in La Mesa, California and inquired to the sales clerk if they held any personal photo collections that I could look at.  The clerk led me to a back room where a roll up desk revealed a small collection of photo's mainly dated in the 1880's- to early 1900's.  The clerk allowed me to go through the stack as long as I promised to put them back neatly.

As I went through the photos, I had no idea what I was looking for, but decided I would purchase anything that caught my attention, what I thought was unique, and what I thought needed a home with me while I try to date, and possibly identify each photo.

I am by no means an expert, and as a matter of fact just interested in learning more about each photo, the person in the photo, and trying to discover any piece of evidence as to finding its way back to the person's descendant.

So this is my first post and hoping that if anyone has possible information or insight into the photos I post, please post a comment or drop me a line.