Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Man & Woman in Sonora, CA: Lost Photo #11

I found this photo of a man and woman in a Lemon Grove, CA Antique Thrift Store.  I am unsure of the relationship of the couple.  She is wearing a wedding ring and he is not.  Notice the flower in his lapel.  I had the first impression that this was a couple newly married, but I am unsure as her dress is not very formal.  It is possible however that this is her wedding dress.

The names of the people are not listed on the back, however "Sonora, CA, 1889" is written.

On the boarder of the cabinet photo  the inscription, "Harrington, Sonora, Cal. is stamped"  There is no immediate information online as to the Harrington Photography Studio in Sonora, Cal.  Maybe some online databases or indexes will have some information.


  1. Oh a wedding photo for sure. Early 1900's. Some men never wore a ring. They both have flowers..and she has flowers in her hair..and she is touching his shoulder ( very racy for the time). It is a lovely photo, her dress is a light color and she could have worn it for other special occasions after the wedding.
    I have a blog called Forgotten Old Photos..stop by sometime. I did wedding photo the whole month of was fun..last year too! :) Connie

    1. Thank you Connie! I will be visiting your blog again. I am restarting up this one since I took some time off.